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In July 2018 my brother noticed my shoulder sticking out, so he told my mum who never noticed it as I always had my hair down. My mum knew something was wrong so she took me back to see a doctor and he also said I had scoliosis and I cried when he said it, and was sent for another X-ray that day. I had my first X-ray in July 2018 and my curve was 63 degrees and in 2019 my curve was 72 degrees.

18th of September 2019 I had my pre op assessment. We got there really early and had to get my blood taken from me which was the worst part. After that, we had to go check my heart and the women stuck lots of sticky pads to my chest. Then we had to go check my breathing, I had to breath into this tube a few times and they asked me questions about my health. Finally I had to go do a photo of my back. I hated this bit because it was really uncomfortable cause I wasn’t wearing a shirt. Lastly the lady said do I want to do a photo and it’ll show how I look before my scan and when I have on operation what I’ll look like after.

In October I got sent for another Quantec scan which I really hated. Then I did some bending X-rays, where they put a big cushion under your waist for the X-ray to see how flexible my spine was.

Finally surgery day! I went into the room where they put you to sleep and I remember being scared. I went into a 9 hour surgery. It was strange because I was put to sleep and then I woke up so it felt fast to me but for everyone else it felt like ages. I was fused from T2 to L2 and I had 6 ribs removed. Less then 24 hours I was up and walking which was painful, but in the end was worth it.

Cody xx

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