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I was diagnosed in April 2019, after my family members noticed my shoulder blade sticking out on my 13th birthday. I was referred to Addenbrookes hospital and I had my first appointment in June 2019.

My surgeon Dr. Crawford automatically said I needed surgery and that bracing wouldn’t be a good idea. September 2019-I started year 9 and my first year of GCSEs. Starting a new school year with my future of my scoliosis was quite nerve racking. October 2019, I had my pre-op appointment which included: Breathing test,MRI,Physiotherapist. At the beginning of February, my mum received a call from the Nuffield hospital in Cambridge telling me my surgery date (6/3/20). During my school half term in February, I visited the Nuffield for the first time,I had my ECG, blood tests and I met my nurse for the first time. They were literally the nicest people in the world! The week of my surgery, I had spinal cord testing and another X-Ray. At this point, I had a 67 degree curve.

The 6th March,I had my spinal fusion. I am 14 and I can’t wait to live my life without having to worry about my curve worsening as I grow up.

I’m Poppy and that’s my scoliosis story x

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