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When I was 15, I was trying on a dress for my brothers wedding and the tailor noticed the zipper was not centered on my back. He asked me if I had ever been checked for scoliosis, I said no, I had never even heard of scoliosis. SO, at my next check-up I asked my doctor to check me for scoliosis. He asked me to bend over and told me that I did in fact have scoliosis!
I saw a specialist and he told me I was not growing anymore, so I couldn’t wear a brace. But, he also told me that my curve wasn’t bad enough for spinal fusion.
After about a year of my spine rapidly getting worse, and the pain never stopping, my doctor told me I needed spinal fusion! I currently have 35 days left until fusion and I am so excited!! Overall, scoliosis is really hard and painful, but makes you so incredibly strong!

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