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Hi there! My name is Thomaie and this is my story…
On September of 2017 I went to a normal checkup doctor’s appointment where my doctor noticed my back was crooked. She took out a scoliosis measuring tool and she diagnosed me as a scoliosis patient. At the time I did not know what school use this was or what effects it had on your body so I was very confused. In April of 2018 I went to a scoliosis boot camp that helped bring my degree from a 90° to a 70 degrees. I definitely do suggest going to scoliSMART bootcamp if you have a lower curvature. In April of 2019 I went to a children’s hospital in Philadelphia where they showed me that my spine curvature had increased from 70 degrees to 124 degrees. I was beyond shocked and did not know what to think or do. My only option was to have spinal fusion. Because of how bad my spine was, I had to go through this thing in the hospital called a Halo traction. Halo is screwed onto your head and you are attached to it for about a month. I was in the hospital for a month with my halo traction which would decrease my spine curvature as much as possible before spinal fusion.
Then on December 20th of 2019 I went into spinal fusion surgery. The surgery took the whole day and I woke up during the night feeling a lot of different emotions. I’m very happy to share my story and to share how much Halo traction and spinal fusion can help with scoliosis patients. Today I’m 5 months post-op and proud to share my story.
I hope everyone has an amazing day and remember to never give up!

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