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I‘m Maja, 23 yrs old and I live in Berlin.

When I was 15 doctors told me about my scoliosis. I got a brace and stopped wearing it just a year after. I hated the way the brace felt, and just couldn’t bear it anymore. Big mistake – my degrees got worse and worse. So at the age of 19, I got two cracks in the intervertebral disc L5 and the first experience with strong pain. After that, I changed my life into a scoliosis lifestyle. Physical therapy, Schroth therapy, Yoga, Fitness (especially Kieser Training) and stretching. I also got new braces which I learned to love. I realize now what a mistake I made earlier not wearing my brace. If anyone else feels the same way, you got this! Don’t give up.

Yoga helps me to stay flexible and it relaxes me, which was really important for me. My pain really only gets better if I do Kieser Training. This is a type of muscle training. If you experience any pain with your scoliosis, I strongly recommend trying it out. It has helped me a lot:)

-Maja Xx

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