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Though I live with fading scars and continuous aching pain, those are simply just echoes that remind me of how strong I’m and how far I have come.October 17th is so important because it was the day I got spinal fusion surgery where I was fused from T2-T12.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis in early childhood and at the time my curvature was minimal. The curvature increased in late middle school to the range of 25-30 degrees. My doctor at the time suggested me to wear the Milwaukee silicon back brace. I was told to wear it for 20 hours a day and to only take it off when I had a dance class and had to take a shower. I wore the brace for a year and a half but stop wearing it due to how it wasn’t working for me personally.

In junior year of high school, I went to Children ‘s Hospital, complaining about the extreme back that I was experiencing. I was assigned to a new doctor to take care of my scoliosis and he informed me that curvature dramatically increased to 55 plus degrees. He noted that due to the location of the curve, it could of cause death if it wasn’t treated then. Striving passed this, I scheduled my spinal fusion for a month later. I was at Children’s Hospital for three days (notably quick for this big of a surgery) where I relearned how to move (ex: sit up, showering, walk, and everything in between). Along the way, I have learned many lessons through it that I would like to share!

1.) Be yourself – you are truly amazing: emBRACE your personal scars

2.) You can & will overcome any problem that you will face

3.) Don’t underestimate yourself… you got this!

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