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At two years of age, I was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis. I have had two braces which I wore to stop the progression of my curve. Unfortunately the progression of my curvature continued even though I wore the brace.
Over the many years that I have suffered from scoliosis, and it affected me both physically and mentally. Mentally, I have dealt with confidence issues, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem . Physically, I would experience back pains, numbness and weakness in my legs along with muscle spasms. Scoliosis has been a big obstacle in my life. I have been torn apart, and broken into many pieces, but each time I was torn apart or broken, I always put myself back together again. Even though scoliosis has crushed me in so many different ways in life, it made me that much stronger.
We are the captain of our ship and scoliosis is just our passenger. Never let scoliosis define your destination even though it is apart of our life’s journey. We are bigger than our scoliosis.

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