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Hello, I’m Julieta and I will tell you a little bit about my history with scoliosis.

6 years ago, I noticed an asymmetry in my waist that led to an appointment with an orthopedist. After a routine checkup, my doctor had suspicions of scoliosis and I had to take an x-ray to confirm it.

When the results came back, they confirmed the doctor’s diagnosis, but not only that, my scoliosis was so severe that it would require an operation. This news scared me a lot, I had never heard of scoliosis and now I was faced with the need for a very invasive operation.

The following months, I visited countless doctors, traveled to visit more doctors, investigated everything I could on the subject, cried and felt very lonely. In addition to feeling lonely, this diagnosis affected the self-esteem I was just forming.

It was a very difficult year, of uncertainty, fear and insecurity. Over time, I grew up, learned about myself, accepted my body and began to love it. This took years of personal work, self-knowledge, and even multiple visits to different psychologists.

But it was worth it, because now I thank this diagnosis for making the person I am today and helping me grow so much.

I know having scoliosis can be difficult emotionally and physically and that we may feel like we are the only ones in the world who feel this way, but there is a huge support network out there. I invite you to join it and discover that you are not alone!

Scoliosis changed my life but I’m very grateful for that. Thank you, scoliosis, for making me appreciate my health so much more!


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