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My name is Sara, and I was diagnosed with scoliosis in November of 2019. It came as a pretty big shock, considering I was experiencing some back pain and discomfort at the time. In November I was diagnosed at my yearly physical. After getting a set of x-rays my diagnosis was confirmed, I had scoliosis.
My degrees were originally measured as 17° in the thoracic spine and 36° in the lumbar. Unfortunately after getting a second opinion we found out that those x-rays were in fact incorrectly measured. The correct measurement for my original x-rays were 52° and 43° curvatures. I tried physical therapy to help minimize my curves.
Unfortunately my only option was to have surgery. On May 20, 2020 I received a spinal fusion surgery from T1-L1. I have two rods and 20 screws in my spine now, and I’m currently 12 days post-op!

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