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Hi, my name is Tiana. When I was 13/14 years old I went for a normal doctors appointment at the hospital. As my doctor was doing some normal check ups on me, he had asked me to bend over so he could take a look at my back. When he was looking at my back he had noticed that my spine had an ‘s’ curve and that’s when he told me and my parents that I had scoliosis. Before the appointment, my mum noticed that my back wasn’t looking quite right and decided to take me to the doctor.
I had to wear 2 braces. After a few months, I grew out of my first brace, so I had to have a new brace fitted. I can’t remember my first curve degree but I do remember that my last appointment for my scoliosis, when I went back to see my doctor after 6 months, my curve degree was at 37 and within the 6 months it had increased to 49 degrees. I don’t think I experienced a lot of pain back then but I experience a lot of pain now. Although the brace is uncomfortable, it helps with the pain.
A tip I have for pain is that I log it down on an app that I use on my phone to track how often I have pain. I also like doing yoga to stretch out.

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