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My scoliosis study began in December. I did a dance show and was in a lot of pain. Pain I’d never even experienced before, to the point where I was crying during shows. Anyways, show week was over and although I was sad, I don’t think my back could have taken any more days of dance, so I was happy to have a couple weeks of rest. My mum just thought I was in a lot of pain due to all the dancing I did, pulled a muscle or something but the pain carried on.
After a couple of weeks of rest we went on a family day out to a theme park and I took it easy due to the pain I was in. I went on the bumper cars and it didn’t end well. Another car bumped into the back of me with a lot of force and left me in a lot of pain that day.
So when New Years came around, I booked a doctors appointment to get myself checked out as me and my mum agreed that the pain wasn’t just a muscle that I’d pulled doing a dance show. I managed to get an appointment in February 2018 and they looked at my back straight away and knew I had scoliosis from the curve and my uneven shoulders. I’d never really heard of scoliosis apart from one friend I had at dance that had it, but I didn’t know much about it. They then transferred me to see a consultant and I finally got an appointment in July 2018. I had X-rays and then went to speak to the consultant, who confirmed the diagnosis. He then decided he wanted me to have an MRI scan, so I had one, and got the results back. The doctors decided that they wanted me to wear a brace so I’ve wore one off and on for a year now and I’m waiting for my next appointment which is due now so after lockdown I’ll be going back.
Stay strong everyone!

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