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Hi i’m Maria and here’s my story!

Back in 2019 I started to notice a strange lump in my back. At first, my parents thought I was being paranoid but I then also started to notice how “wonky” my body really was. I had uneven hips, an uneven waist, uneven ribs and uneven shoulders. As many people with scoliosis have probably been told before, I was told to “just stand up straight” but I could never do that. After realizing I also had some weird back pain, my parents decided to take me to the GPs, where I got an x-ray. After this x-ray, I had to wait for a few weeks and the GPs called and told my parents I had a minor curve in my spine, however this wasn’t the case.

After having one more x-ray I walked into a doctors office and was shown my spine on a screen. I had a 65 degree curve in my spine! I knew for a fact this was not just a minor curve but this was major. The doctor told me my 65 degree curve was far past getting a brace, and said that I would need spinal fusion surgery. This was a shock especially when I was nearing my final year of high school and still trying to enjoy my teenage years.

I haven’t yet had my surgery but am hoping to this year, knowing the fact I will need to go through this is extremely daunting but it’s safe to say I can’t wait for it all to be over.

Scoliosis has taught me to be strong, to happy in my own skin, to learn to love what I have been given and to keep powering through! Remember to keep your head held high and to stay strong!

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