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Hey everyone my names Izzy! On April 24th 2013 I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I was 6 by the way! I then was put into a providence brace. I surprisingly loved this brace… I would wear it to school even though I definitely didn’t need to. Then when I outgrew that brace (8-9 y/o) I was put into ANOTHER brace (Boston brace). I hated this brace. I wore it as much as I could but that wasn’t very much…. luckily even without wearing this brace often, my curves stayed at 30 degrees for over a year, so I thought that’s how it would be forever.

Unfortunately on January 9th 2019 my curves had jumped 30 degrees in 6 months and were now 60 degrees. I was told I needed surgery. I was so scared so I decided to become a Curvy Girls leader (Wichita Kansas).

On March 5th 2019 I went in for surgery. Not going to lie recovery was HARD, but I managed to get through it and you will too going through surgery made me realize how lucky I was to have amazing and very supportive friends and family that not everyone has. So I decided to make  care packages for all pediatric spinal fusion patients at my hospital I can happily say I am back to the old me (maybe even better)!

• I went back to school at 2 weeks post op.

• I had my first curvy girl meeting a month post op
• I delivered my first care package 5 months post op
• I made my volleyball team 6 months post op
• I made my basketball team 8 months post op

So much more is still to come so I guess what I’m trying to say is if you are having surgery you’re probably scared, and I was too! But trust me I know from experience if you just keep fighting you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to I promise!


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